Avoiding Dental Problems with the Help of Red Wine

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The reduced risk of contracting heart diseases and many other health benefits have long been linked with red wine. Obviously, researchers also point out the value of moderation when drinking alcoholic beverages. For them, it’s okay to enjoy the delights of life like first-class wine while keeping count of just how many glasses one has drunk. As such, a great deal of people are familiar with what wine can offer them—possibly even the benefit of averting tooth decay.

This is what the results of a specific research published in Food Chemistry say regarding red wine and tooth decay. A team of Italian researchers in Pavia University discovered that substances in red wine were efficient in killing certain bacteria that cause tooth decay—primarily the infamous Streptococcus mutans. Nonetheless, the researchers did not stop there since they also desired to know whether it is the red wine itself or the alcoholic substance that is doing the job of getting rid of microbes.

The answer is both. When the researchers removed the alcoholic material from the red wine, they produced results that were rather similar. Certain flavonoid compounds in red wine prevent bacteria from mixing with the saliva or sticking to the tooth enamel. It was a remarkable revelation that red wine had twice the antibacterial punch in the form of the alcoholic substance and the flavonoid compounds in the red wine itself. Wine aficionados can drink to their heart's contentment—without forgetting balance of course.

Just how much red wine should you consume then? While the house is separated between one glass a day and several servings, it may hinge on the sort of diet followed. For instance, the French are known for having a high fat diet, but they remain resistant against heart diseases because of red wine. To be on the safe side, nevertheless, health and wellness experts and Salem dental professionals recommend that you stick to a glass for now.

Needless to say, you can’t get minors started on consuming red wine, but the cosmetic dentist Salem Oregon has to offer says that there are other methods. The same flavonoid compounds in red wine can likewise be located in other types of foods like apples and cocoa. Although they’re not yet qualified to consume red wine, let minors delight in non-alcoholic food items rich in antibacterial compounds.

Suitable oral hygiene and a healthy and balanced diet constitute the teeth's finest defense against tooth decay and other dental concerns. Salem cosmetic dentistry experts urge individuals to adhere to a healthy way of living to preserve a healthy smile that they can show to their family members and buddies. For kids, an apple a day will keep the doctor away. For grown-ups, perhaps a glass of red wine every day can do the same.

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Avoiding Dental Problems with the Help of Red Wine

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Avoiding Dental Problems with the Help of Red Wine

This article was published on 2012/02/25