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When you drink from a wine glass you are normally in 2 states. Either a relaxed state often reflecting on the days or past events or secondly, in an excited state, focusing on the current event such as a wedding, christening, sporting achievement and so on. In both instances, and as is often the case at the time, is your desire to add weight to your thoughts, immortalize your memory, strengthen your feelings, and quite simply, remember a particular thing of value whether it be a person, event, pet or any other thing, to you, is worth remembering.

Typically, such thoughts are immortalized by pictures and people generally trying to recall their memory around a dinner table conversation, so, what else is there? What else could be used to trigger memories about something you hold dear, something that you would regularly use, something that would help trigger your memory to tell and share a story about something important to you, or even, something to help you reflect during the quite times, whilst you are relaxing, perhaps in front of the fire place on a cold winters night. Its the humble wine glass.

What makes the wine glass so special is it can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, weight, fragility or strength and its these very characteristics, these sensory characteristics, coupled with some degree of personalization, whether it be a symbol, picture, word, initials and so on, that strengthens and reinforces the particular memory or thought you are wanting to hold onto and share to others for years to come. It is not simply just a vessel to drink wine, because through personalizing, it can be so much more.

The thought of personalizing, however doesn't need to stop at just wine glasses because the sky is the limit and is only restrained by how best you want to express yourself. Remember, this is an expression of YOU and only you can decide how best you may wish to express a thought, feeling, person, event and so on. This expression, can also be shared in the form of gifts to others. Again this is an expression of you in the form of gifts to your loved ones or people you hold close.

Adding to this expression, doesn't need to be limited to wine glasses either because again, the sky is the limit. You can express yourself by wine stoppers for example, wine gift sets, wine and champagne bottles, even wine labels. The choice is yours and yours alone and will provide you with much joy for years to come.

So, whether you are relaxing to reflect or wanting to take away from a memorable event, a personalized symbol to reinforce, strengthen and trigger your most valued memorable moments, nothing can be better than the humble wine glass. It is more than just a household item, and by the very nature of its sensory characteristics, holds the key to immortalizing the very things you hold dear - your thoughts, memories, and feelings.

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Personalized Wine Glass

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This article was published on 2010/05/19