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If you enjoy wine chances are you have a few bottles at home waiting to be opened. The more bottles you have the longer some of them will sit unopened. There are ways to preserve your wine to ensure that they last longer but that can come along with a hefty price tag. You may be able to find wine storage places in your town but that can become pricey and inconvenient if you want a bottle of wine and didn't plan it in advance. Wine storage locations are more for a wine collector with expensive bottles of wine that will only be drunk on certain occasions. The best solution for the wine lover who wants to preserve their wine on a budget would be purchasing a wine cooler or wine fridge.

Wine coolers come in all different sizes and prices. The best thing to do is determine how many bottles you will need to store because that will determine the size of the wine fridge you will need to buy. Once you determine the size you need to determine what your price range is and try to find one within that price range. If you are having a tough time finding a fridge in your price range you will need to look at discounted wine fridges or even refurbished products. You can also wait until the items go on sale or even clearance. You should also browse online sites for good deals. eBay will almost always have decently price wine fridges, as well as Amazon.

Once you find the perfect fridge within your price range there is no other cost involved, other the electricity it takes to power your wine cooler. Once you may the initial purchase you will be able to store your wine for as long as the wine fridge last, which hopefully is for many years to come.

A good temperature to store your wine would be around 60 degree Fahrenheit. Some may argue that 55 degrees is a better temperature, but I have found I am able to get better tasting red wine from a storage temperature of 60 degrees. With red wine 55 seems too cold, but it may be a good temperature for white wine.

All in all the cheapest way to store your wine safely is in a wine fridge or wine cooler. It is a one time purchase and if you keep your eye out for a good deal you can pick up one for a very reasonable price.


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Storing Wine Cheaply

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This article was published on 2010/09/28