Thanksgiving Wine Picks

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Along with that glorious Thanksgiving feast, another critical consideration is the wine that can accompany the meal. Here are some top picks of white wine for Thanksgiving drinks to make that meal go down sweeter and smoother. White wine is the customary accompaniment to white meat.


This wine that leaves a multi-layered taste of different fruits will make a wonderful accompaniment for that turkey and fruit-flavored stuffing and sauce like that made with cranberry. A full-bodied, well rounded very good Chardonnay will incorporate tastes of citrus, perhaps apricot and other lush fruits.

Beaujolais Nouveau

This is another favorite for Thanksgiving dinner. It's normally the very initial vintage to be released. Beaujolais Nouveau comes from the Gamay grape which has thin skin and really little, if any tannins. It has a light, red fruit flavor and just a hint of banana taste. Its lightness indicates one can appreciate it at the table with the food and still get pleasure from a stronger or totally unique after-dinner Thanksgiving drink.


This white wine is offered as very dry or medium which is fairly sweet. Either way, this wine is fantastic with Thanksgiving dinner thanks to its mix of fruit flavors like apricot and apple, the honey and clarifying acidity which goes well with herbs and fruit flavored turkey sauces such cranberry sauce.

Sauvignon Blanc

This 1 will go down well with a bite of turkey thanks to its citrusy taste that makes a good accompanying undertone to herbs within the meal.

Pinot Grigio

This 1 will please the palate when it combines with the taste of onions, garlic and herbs that will go into the primary dish and side dishes.


This is one more white wine with an aromatic punch and a spicy undertone which will improve the taste of turkey and all of the herbs in it. Its an additional Thanksgiving favorite.
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Thanksgiving Wine Picks

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This article was published on 2011/01/25