The Benefits of Owning a Refrigerated Wine Cooler

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Choosing a refrigerated wine cooler is a must if you are in the habit of collecting wine. These products allow a person to separately store bottles of wine at the perfect temperature without taking up the valuable space of the kitchen refrigerator. This allows the bottles to not only be safely stored, but it will allow the flavor of each wine to develop and enhance to its fullest potential. If you are an enthusiast of wine, but have yet to purchase one of these incredible products, here are a few things you'll need to consider.

Size- First you will need to figure out how many bottles you intend to store. The small units offer storage for 6 to 10 bottles, whereas large free-standing units can house up to 500 bottles. You'll also have to take into consideration how much space you have available to sit the cooler. If space is at a premium, you may only be able to purchase a small unit, limiting the amount of bottles you will be able to store.

Type of Wine- Any wine enthusiast will be able to tell you that red and white wines require different temperature settings in order to reach their fullest flavor potential. If you enjoy drinking both varieties, you should consider a dual zone refrigerator which can automatically set two different zones to cool the red and white wine separately. Also, if you plan on keeping champagne or wines with unusual or large bottles, you should consider adjustable shelves so you can readjust the storage capabilities in order to fit these special varieties.

Style- Refrigerated wine coolers come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, materials, and sizes. Some feature beautiful glass doors that will showcase your collection to visitors and guests. Other models are built right into a larger piece of furniture so that the unit will serve two purposes. Pick one that will match the décor of your house, but still deliver the necessities.

After you have taken time to assess your personal needs, get busy by researching different models and features, and reading up on reviews from actual consumers. Talk to another wine enthusiast to get advice on what has worked for them, and don't be afraid to shop around. Price comparison will ensure that you get exactly what you need at the best available price.

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The Benefits of Owning a Refrigerated Wine Cooler

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This article was published on 2012/03/07