The Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler - A Good Buy?

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The Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler is an EdgeStar thermoelectric wine cooling system that helps keep your wine in tiptop condition. Keeping wine in the right temperature and away from sunlight helps to maintain the quality of your wine for a longer period. The unit comes with tempered glass that is tinted to keep away harmful light from your wine collection. It has a LED light though that you can turn on when you want to highlight your wine collection when guests are around.

The unit can hold 28 full sized wine bottles and keeps the temperature and humidity controlled in the unit. The refrigerator works without any vibrations or awful humming sounds that most refrigerators make. It is also equipped with different temperature controls for different types of wine. The interior is evenly cooled by an internal fan. It is also equipped with 6 easy to remove and clean chrome racks. The distance between racks is about 3.5 inches.

The refrigerator measures 20.5 x 18 x 28.5 inches and weighs about 52 pounds and comes with a cool looking door made of tinted double paned glass, a bar type handle, and metallic silver door frame.


A number of reviews mentioned that the soft ambient light emitted by the interior LED light makes their wine look very attractive to display. The light has an on and off switch that lets you choose to turn the light on or off. Many users admire the way it runs quietly without making a sound. There are also no vibrations that can distract people in the room.

Another user said that the Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler does not look like an ugly fridge and is very sleek and sophisticated looking. You won't mind having it in your dining room or mini-bar at home. Not installing the bar handle can make it look even more streamlined. According to many users, it is the perfect affordable gift for wine loving friends and relatives.


A user complained about the lack of thermometer and humidity reader in the unit, so he had to buy a separate thermometer and humidity reader to make sure the conditions are perfect for his wine. Some said that the switches at the back of the refrigerator made it hard to reach and control. You would have to move the unit to make some changes. Another review said that 2 of the units they bought broke right after the 1-year warranty expired. Having it repaired would have been too expensive and almost senseless. Others also commented on the weak welding work at the rear parts that came off after being cleaned and handled.

Basically, the EdgeStar's Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler is an affordable wine cooling system and works as advertised. It is also very attractive which makes it a great addition to your home furnishings. It provides the best bang for the buck and will make many wine lovers happy to be able to keep their wine collection in perfect condition for a longer time. One of its best features is the way it works without making a sound like most other refrigerators.


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The Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler - A Good Buy?

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The Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler - A Good Buy?

This article was published on 2011/06/13