The wine refrigerator trend

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The craze of adding a wine refrigerator to a home has increased each year.  More and more people are finding that they need the benefits that come from owning a wine refrigerator.  In the past wines were stored in a wine cellar which is a special room in the home for the sole purpose of storing wine.  The fact that homes are better insulated and have high efficient heating and cooling systems has made the wine cellar obsolete.  Being able to maintain a room temperature around 70 degrees means that the conditions are not ideal for wine storage where wine needs to be stored at an average of 55 degrees.  So many people either don't have room for a wine cellar or don't want one in there home this means that another option has to be available.  This is why so many people have turned to the wine refrigerator.

Wine refrigerators are designed to control the climate that you store you wine in. This is what make them so ideal for wine storage you know your investment will be stored at the proper temperature. Red wines need to be stored at 55-60 degrees and white wines should be stored around 48-52 depending on the type. When wine is stored at the right temperature you get better flavor and that means better tasting wine.  If you love wine or are a collector of wine then you need a wine refrigerator to protect your investment.  

You can find wine refrigerators as a single or duel zone storage option.  The single zone is perfect for the people who only enjoy one type of wine because you can set the fridge to the proper temperature and know you wine will be safe.  For those who enjoy different types of wine the duel zone is a perfect option.  The duel zone wine refrigerator is spilt into two making it easy to set two different temperatures.  This will allow you to store both red and white wines in the same fridge.  If you are someone who loves wine and need to protect your investment then a wine refrigerator is for you.

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The wine refrigerator trend

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The wine refrigerator trend

This article was published on 2012/04/29