Wine- and the Healthiest Wines

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Wine is very good for our health. But are they the same impact? What is the healthiest wine? We can list many kinds of wine, such as Ports, Tables, Red, Whites, Rose's, Fume's, Ice...This article will give you much information about wines.



Well let's start with the obvious. Any wine you drink too much of is not going to help you. One glass per day is recommended for men and no more than 3 per week for women. (Women can't digest alcohols as well as men. I'm not making this stuff up, Dr. Nancy Snyderman actually reported this on the Today Show recently). Any more than that and the alcohol content is linked to cancer, obesity and other health problems.


So, answer 1 - the healthiest is the one you enjoy drinking in moderation.


Let's move on to the different types. Red's rule the health roost. White's don't use the healthy grape skins in the fermentation process, ice has too much sugar, Rose's are a combo of red and white and tables/ports are pretty much reds.


So answer 2 - red wines are the healthiest choice in wine


Of the red wines, which are the healthiest? We've got two answers here. The first is organic wines. Organic aren't always the best tasting but some are surely good. You'll have to try a few to find your favorite. Organic wines are grown without pesticides and chemicals so the grapes are left to fend for themselves. Do you know what chemical grapes produce to help fight disease and fungus? You guessed it - Resveratrol!


The second category of reds are the Italian and French wines grown in the mountain regions. Because these zones are colder, the plants must battle more fungus, which means more resveratrol - which means healthier wine.


Bottom line - If you can find an organic red wine grown in the mountains of Italy or France, you're going to live forever (well in theory). :)


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And did you know that resveratrol might not be the reason behind the French Paradox? In fact, red wine has other compounds that are more powerful and in higher concentration than resveratrol. Read more at

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Wine- and the Healthiest Wines

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This article was published on 2010/05/18