Wine Bottle Refrigerators - What to Look For

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Choosing the right wine bottle refrigerator isn't necessarily difficult, but by thinking on a few points ahead of time, you can ensure that you get the best possible wine cooler for your money. Here we will look at what you need in order to get the right refrigerator.


Obviously, you need something within your budget range. There are a number of very affordable wine bottle refrigerators that you can invest in, which range in price from around $80-$200, depending on the size. However, if you want top of the line quality, you will need to spend up to $500 for a cooler or considerably more for a built-in wine refrigerator.


There are one zone and dual zone wine fridges. If you tend to collect only one type of wine, then you only really need a single zone. This will keep your bottles at just the right temperature, whether you have white wine, red wine or rosé.

Dual temperature zone fridges will give you two sections for wine chilling. This is perfect if you have both red and white wine on hand, as you can keep it in separate areas, each set to the ideal temperature. In most cases, these dual zones will be of two different sizes, so be sure to choose one that has enough room for your collection.


The size of your wine bottle refrigerator will depend on how much wine you collect and how quickly you go through it. If you tend to only use 4-6 bottles a month, then a table top cooler which holds 6 bottles is fine. However, if you want your entire collection to be kept in peak condition and allowed to mature in wine cellar conditions, then you might want to start looking at built-in wine refrigerators. These are considerably larger and can fit up to 100 bottles, depending on just how big you decide to go.


Of course, anything you bring into your home will need to look good. Fortunately, wine bottle refrigerators come in a range of styles to suit your home decor. Whether you want a small stainless steel cooler or one that has a wooden front, you can integrate the wine cooler into your house.

Wine bottle refrigerators can be a valuable addition to your home appliances. However, they are a long term addition, so consider all aspects of your purchase before committing to one fridge. You'll be glad you did your research in the end!

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Wine Bottle Refrigerators - What to Look For

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This article was published on 2010/03/27