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Any oenophile, popularly known as a wine connoisseur, would tell you that one doesn't really need to be a specialist in wines or even a wine-maker who has a basement wine storage cellar in order to appreciate fine wine. However, the truth remains that proper wine storage does have the ability to enhance the taste of the wine.

We all know that wines are perishable because of insufficient alcohol content. Certain wines are recommended to be aged so that they are able to achieve peak quality. However, most of us are unaware that wine storage has a great influence on how well the wine will age. The science behind aging the wines can go a long way in establishing the importance of proper wine storage. So, let's take a look at what makes a fine wine storage that can lead to real fine wines!

One can't really expect to store and age the wines by stashing them in the basement or stuffing them in a refrigerator and then hope for the best. Wine storage units have controlled environments specially created and maintained such that the wines age naturally and optimally. Good wine storage maintains the best combination of humidity, temperature and light so as to create the ideal conditions for storing wine.

Ideally, wine should be stored at a temperature of around 55'F to ensure proper rate of maturity. Proper humidity is also important to wine storage. A relative humidity of 60% to 70% is considered to be ideal for wine storage. Too high or low humidity in the wine storage environment can spoil the wine. Ultraviolet light can be harmful to wine and as such, good wine storage involves eliminating all natural light.

The above mentioned can be considered the general rules of thumb for proper wine storage. However, you must appreciate that wine storage requirements may have to be adjusted according to the type of wine being stored and its intended use. This is what people find the most difficult thing to do when using their own wine cellars or basements to store their wine.
Regulating the wine storage environment for different types of wine is easy to achieve at a professional wine storage company than in one's cellar or basement. Most self-storage companies offer professional wine storage facilities that can take real good care of your precious wine. So, go ahead and chalk out the plans for your wine storage requirements.
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Wine Storage

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This article was published on 2011/02/02